KML Designs, LLC has the experience and versatility to provide turn-key full service projects. 

We have experience in:  

- New Construction

- Remodels and Renovations

- Project Management

- Furnishings, Accessories, Window Treatments, and Styling

- Space Planning

- Material and Finish Selections: Flooring, Paint/Wallcovering, and Tile/Stone

- Lighting Selections and Plans

Service One | Design

Every project and client is unique, so we structure our pricing based on the scope of work. Before our work together begins, we give you an estimate of the hours it will require. It is always our goal to stay within that range, but that isn't always possible. In any event, our approximation should give you an idea of what to expect and we will offer frequent updates on the total hours as the project progresses.

Service two | Shipping & Receiving

As a KML Designs client, you will have access to custom furnishings and special pricing. We do charge a small fee for the items that we order to cover shipping costs and receiving/inspections fees. We have all of your items shipped to our preferred receiving warehouse, where they do the work of unboxing, inspecting, assembling, and delivery on install day. This is incredibly important in keeping the design process running smoothly and efficiently to ensure that your new furnishings are exactly what you wanted.

Sevice three | Installation

For installation, we charge a per-day fee that includes the entire team. We bring all hands on deck to place, style, and perfect every single detail to give you a truly turn-key experience. When we're done, we welcome you home to a refined and inviting space that is ready for living.